AACCVA is the nation’s leading organization exclusively dedicated to the creation and sustainability of a strong community for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

AACCVA is led by a dedicated group of individuals who share a core set of values. Everyone including the board of directors, staff and volunteers is committed to:

Community spirit: to work for the good of community.

Pride and dignity: to create an identity for our community that no person can ignore or forget us – Our culture is unique.

Inclusion: to engage people of all generations and situations to plan and deliver activities and events, and appreciate arts and culture.

  1. Mission: Asian American Community Center brings together Asian Americans unified towards goals for the prosperity of their community and the betterment of others.
  2. Vision: To develop programs and services guided by a community unified towards common goals and aspirations. The focus of these programs and services is answering the call of service and spreading cultural awareness for the enrichment of a community and prosperity of others. Our vision is not only to create a unified community, but to show others how acts of selflessness and kindness can make a difference on their community and peers, but also themselves. Furthermore, our programs and campaigns are designed with the goals of helping individuals develop definitions of character and leadership. Not only that, but our community leaders and members will assist individuals develop discipline, respect, and structure. In the end we hope to create prosperous communities, ethical leaders, selfless individuals through acts of service and cultural awareness.
  3. Theory of change: Through acts of service, community organizing, civic engagement, youth leadership development, cultural awareness, and community education, Asian American Community Center works tirelessly towards the dream of creating a prosperous community in which individuals work together making lasting changes by engaging in acts of service and spreading cultural awareness.
  4. Story: In 2019, the Asian American Community Center (AACC) opened in Virginia. AACC Virginia (AACCVA), to collectively unify Asian American communities and fellow communities through acts of service and cultural awareness in Northern Virginia. Inspiring our design for our logo as it represents the dream of creating a unified community by showing individuals within a circle holding hands together. Since then, AACC Virginia (AACCVA) community members have worked tirelessly to create a prosperous community where individuals can thrive through culture, service, leadership, discipline, and structure. Our organization provides support, stability, structure, and leadership by ensuring our programs and services are interconnected with each community. Through these communities our members are able to expand their horizons past themselves looking towards a bigger purpose. That purpose being to create unified communities where individuals can not only better themselves, but to make an impact on the community and others. Our success is made possible by unifying those who share our beliefs, values, cultures, and stories. The four core values of our communities are: compassion, honesty, humility, and kindness. Our dream of bringing communities together is through our biggest shared value, compassion. This value is defined as showing concern for the sufferings and misfortune of others. Our hope is through our programs and services we will be able to bring others together towards a unified goal of providing help for others, especially those who are most in need. As a collective, we believe through the power of compassion we can make a difference in our communities, peers, and ourselves. At AACCVA, we know the true power of unity in order to create change. Together, we share our dreams and compassion to build a better future – and we hope you will join us to build it.

Our Leaders